18 Brunch Recipes You Will Devour

18 Brunch Recipes That’ll Make You Want to Eat In

Let’s be real, not many mealtimes win out on enjoyment more than a delicious, relaxing weekend brunch. But while restaurants throw unhealthy (and unnecessary!) ingredients into your dishes — not to mention overcharge for them — we have the perfect way to make the breakfast-lunch hybrid even better at home. Rise and shine for these 20 delicious brunch recipes, from appetizer-like options to gorgeous plates fit for entertaining. Then get ready to chill out and dig in!

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18 Brunch Recipes You’ll Want Every Weekend

Brunch Recipes: Healthy Eggs Benedict

1. Healthy Eggs Benedict

All the goodness of eggs benedict for under 300 calories makes this a total no-brainer, right? A whole-wheat English muffin paired with a side of asparagus — filled with more fiber and protein than a restaurant-style helping — will keep you fuller for even longer. Photo and recipe: Perry Santanachote / Life by Daily Burn

Brunch Recipes: Gluten-Free Maple Buckwheat Pancakes Recipe

2. Gluten-Free Maple Buckwheat Pancakes

Whip up these flapjacks next time you’re entertaining (even if that just means your family). Almond flour and untoasted buckwheat flour keep these gluten-free, so every guest will enjoy ‘em. Top with chopped cranberries, pecans and maple to add a touch of sweetness. Photo and recipe: Aysegul Sanford / Foolproof Living

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Brunch Recipes: Crustless Vegetable Quiche Recipe

3. Crustless Vegetable Quiche

Skipping the crust keeps one slice of this quiche under 220 calories. But don’t worry you still get plenty of flavor, thanks to spinach and mushrooms. Protein-rich eggs and filling potatoes also make this a savory, satisfying meal. Photo and recipe: Perry Santanachote / Life by Daily Burn

Brunch Recipes: Healthy Huevos Rancheros Recipe

4. Healthy Huevos Rancheros

Opt for this slimmed-down version of the Mexican breakfast favorite and you’ll clock in just 350 calories. Cheese, beans and eggs deliver 17 grams of protein in just one serving and make a pretty yummy mix. With every bite, know you’re giving your body the fuel it needs to power through the day while satisfying your taste buds. Photo and recipe: Perry Santanachote /  Life by Daily Burn

Brunch Recipes: Asparagus and Pancetta Egg Muffins Recipe

5. Asparagus and Pancetta Egg Muffins

Whip up these breakfast muffins and pop ’em in the oven in the a.m. and you have a yummy, easy meal ready in minutes. Eggs and pancetta deliver a hit of protein while asparagus adds a crunchy texture. Even better: the recipe calls for only five ingredients and you can keep leftovers in the fridge for an on-the-go meal the next day. Photo and recipe: Michele Spring / Thriving on Paleo

Brunch Recipes: Blueberry Buckwheat Breakfast Pudding Recipe

6. Blueberry Buckwheat Breakfast Pudding

Fun fact: Buckwheat is a fruit seed, so it’s both gluten- and grain-free. Antioxidant-rich blueberries and the potassium in bananas also mean this breakfast pudding is a nice pick-me-up. Maple syrup and vanilla provide the sweetness, without all the added sugar you’d find in typical restaurant options. Photo and recipe: Renee Blair / Life by Daily Burn 

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Brunch Recipes: Mexican Shakshuka Recipe

7. Mexican Shakshuka

Shakshuka is a naturally lighter breakfast option thanks to its heavy-handed list of vegetable ingredients. Starting with a blended tomato base, full of heart-healthy lycopene, this version adds even more substance with the addition of avocado and riced cauliflower. Photo and recipe: Taylor Kiser / Food, Faith, Fitness

Brunch Recipes: Vegan Tofu Scramble Recipe

8. Vegan Tofu Scramble

A perfect example of a meat-free breakfast that doesn’t lack in the protein department. Featuring smartly-seasoned tofu crumble as an alternative to scrambled eggs, this vegan skillet boasts 31 grams of protein per serving. Onions, red bell peppers, mushrooms and zucchini add the robust flavor you look for in a meal, too. Photo and recipe: Perry Santanachote / Life by Daily Burn

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Brunch Recipes: Mermaid Smoothie Bowl Recipe

9. Mermaid Smoothie Bowl

Mermaid-themed food is having a moment, and this beautiful bowl is one healthy way to get in on the action. Blend your base by combining fresh or frozen fruit with a nut or coconut milk. The mix gets its dreamy color from chlorophyll, in a concentrated liquid form, which boasts healing benefits. Top with fresh fruit, shredded coconut, chia seeds and granola. Photo and recipe: Megan Field / Cream and Honey

Brunch Recipes: Gluten-Free Breakfast Wraps Recipe

10. Gluten-Free Sweet Breakfast Wraps

One look at these inventive breakfast wraps and you’ll wonder how you’ve been living without them. Pairing sweet and savory ingredients such as blueberries, cinnamon, rice, almond butter (or Greek yogurt), raspberry jam and granola, you’ll get your fill of dynamic flavors and nutrient-rich ingredients. Photo and recipe: Lindsay Cotter / Cotter Crunch

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Brunch Recipes: Savory Mushroom Oatmeal Recipe

11. Savory Mushroom Oatmeal Bowl

Sure, a truffle mushroom blend might not be the first topping that comes to mind when you picture a bowl of oatmeal. But because a half-cup of rolled oats is low in calories and a great source of fiber and protein, it’s smart to learn some new ways to savor it. Paired with an over-easy egg, chives and shaved Parmesan, you’ll love this truly decadent recipe. Photo and recipe: Cheryl Lang, Lean / Green Nutrition Fiend

Brunch Recipes: Cashew Cream Parfait Recipe

12. Cashew Cream and Fruit Parfait

Skip the grab-and-go cup of yogurt and opt for this vibrant parfait instead — also a perfect side dish or healthy dessert at the end of a smaller entree. Cashew cream offers a satisfying vegan alternative to dairy varieties. Mix it with seasonally fresh fruit, shredded coconut and a drizzle of honey for a tasty, Instagram-worthy a.m. meal. Photo and recipe: Perry Santanachote / Life by Daily Burn 

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Brunch Recipes: 5-Ingredient Breakfast Skillet Recipe

13. 5-Ingredient Breakfast Skillet

Bacon, eggs, potatoes and cheese — is there a better breakfast combo? Opt for turkey bacon over regular to keep the recipe on the lighter side. And load fresh vegetables into the mix for more added flavor. Photo and recipe: Irina & Yula / Sweet Something

Brunch Recipes: Gluten-Free Breakfast Cookies Recipe

14. Gluten-Free Breakfast Cookies

Clearly these aren’t your average cookies. Featuring gluten-free ingredients such as almonds and walnuts — which deliver a dose of healthy fats — the “batter” is already full of nutrients. A fiber- and omega-3-rich flax meal helps you mold your dough into a bowl-like shape. Then you can fill the granola cups with yogurt and seasonal berries. So easy; so delicious. Photo and recipe: Alexa Schrim / Life by Daily Burn

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Brunch Recipes: Masala French Toast Recipe

15. Masala Savory French Toast

If you’re not one to wake up with a sweet tooth, this is the French toast recipe for you. The remix of the breakfast classic draws its flavor from red chili powder, crushed green chilies, red onions and tomatoes. Opt for 100 percent whole grain slices to make it even healthier. Photo and recipe: Rose / Nish Kitchen

Brunch Recipes: Fruit & Granola Breakfast Popsicle Recipes

16. Fruit & Granola Breakfast Popsicle

A tried and true brunch item: Fruit and cereal. But this version gets major points for its creative take. All you need is a popsicle mold to turn your usual bowl into ice pops. You can blend the yogurt and fruit in separate batches to give your guests some choices, or blend all the berries together for a multi-flavored pop. Photo and recipe: Nick Evans / Macheesmo  

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Brunch Recipes: Sweet Potato Pancakes Recipe

17. Sweet Potato Pancakes

Thanks to a base of pureed sweet potatoes, this stack does something your average pancake can’t do: delivers an impressive 16 grams of protein. Whip up these unique flapjacks with toppings like cottage cheese, chia seeds and cranberries for a tangy breakfast that you can make in about 10 minutes. Photo and recipe: Alexa Schrim / Life by Daily Burn

Brunch Recipes: Vegan Chocolate Donuts with Beet Coconut Frosting Recipe

18. Vegan Chocolate Donuts with Beet Coconut Frosting

Everyone knows donuts are the ultimate breakfast splurge. But with the right ingredients and a little portion control, a donut every once in a while is A-OK. Try this tasty vegan chocolate recipe featuring a coconut-beet buttercream frosting. It gets its pink hue from the phytochemicals in beets, which also give the vibrant root vegetable loads of antioxidants. Photo and recipe: Erin Jensen / The Wooden Skillet

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